Coronavirus and preventive Measures

Policies associated to coronavirus pandemic are disposed into this chapter.

Fulfillment, shipping and delivery are under restricted measures of biosafety to ensure that all products are reliable to use.

The measures we follow are the following:

Pandemic Measures and business

1. Masks. Every business has to handle with protective personal equipments like masks and gloves. This is the main prevention to get infected. It also applies for fulfillment, shipping and delivery conditions.

2. Wash hands off when not having gloves. 

3. Apply 6 feet away policy. Even you wear masks, it is prevention. The more prevention, the best results. Not get infected is the main reason. Follow these measures and everything will be alright.

4. Don´t forget to use hand sanitizer. It can be applied to most surfaces where alcohol can be spread and volatilized in just 5 seconds. 


Once the product is shipped, it would take 3-5 business days as usual, unless USPS has another notice to tell us. In that case, we will communicate immediately to the customer.