NEW quartz products in our store. The Myth of stones for quartz.

Quartz, are the stones that provide the most benefits for the body and for spiritual knowledge. The variety of quartz is the most diverse that we could imagine.
These stones are used to feed positive energies and drive away negative ones, to get the chakras strengthen, especially to increase their positive tendency towards the projects we want to achieve, our energy. or the feelings like harmony.
Quartz are cleaned or purified before being used personally. Our favorite method is a sea bath and then in the sun for a few hours to activate it, but if it is not feasible, you can also use water with sea salt for two days and then expose it to the sun for a few hours, some people bury it in mud for several days, etc. This must be done when we acquire or give away a stone, to eliminate any type of energy in it and personalize it. It can be cleaned with some natural essence, sandalwood or another in addition.
Then we must program it, for which we must designate the mission that the crystal will have for us and say it out loud, keeping it close to us for several weeks, so that it becomes personalized and charged with our energies.
We can keep it close in a cotton cloth bag or other natural fabric, or in a wooden box, or on a pendulum, carry it in a pocket or in beauty accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or others.
It is important to say that no stone or glass should be used without cleaning it first. Also if someone touches it, it must be cleaned again because it is charged with other energies that are not our own.
Being stones of natural origin, they are biodegradable.
How are quartz selected to personalize them? Many say that the stone is the one that chooses one when selected, but it is usually linked to the zodiac sign or the task that we wish to assign to the quartz in question depending on the mission or favors attributed to each one.
We will go detailing each of the most used quartz in other texts.

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